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Review the code, not the coder

Code Reviews (CRs), or Pull Requests (PRs), need no introduction if you're familiar with writing and collaborating on code. The benefits of this practice have been well articulated across various mediums, and in this post I will describe some of the habits I've picked up that help in pushing through PRs swiftly and reducing friction for both authors and reviewers.


Lily58 split ergonomic keyboard build log

A build log / reference post covering my first stab at a hardware project: building a split ergonomic keyboard running the QMK firmware. After being baited by several beautiful builds online, I really had no choice but to dive into the world of mechanical keyboards... with zero electronics experience under my belt. I relied on several online resources to learn about what goes into building a keyboard, the basic equipment needed, and the firmware pieces necessary for it all to work. I aggregate that information here to help serve as a reference for others planning to give it a shot!


Welcome to the blog

The internet has made it more accessible than ever for folks to ask questions, share knowledge, and collaborate. And I've got to admit, without it, I wouldn't be where I am today doing the things I do. I figured it was due time I created a space to give back, even if it ends up with me just blabbering into the void 🤷🏼‍♂️.